Australian healthcare practice management software that simply works better

Xestro is comprehensive health care practice management software for your medical and allied health practice of any size.

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Why Xestro

Like conventional practice management software, Xestro helps you take care of appointments, clinical records, billing and administration.

Unlike conventional practice management software, Xestro focusses on ‘work-flow’ not ‘work-around’ and we get there with fewer mouse clicks.

Better Security

Take better charge of security through our infrastructure that allows for two-factor authentication, better encryption and fully automated backups.

Easier IT Support

Simplify IT needs as with Xestro you no longer need a server, cloud server or RDS (remote-desktop). Xestro works with Windows and Apple OS X. Simple hardware setup and maintenance.

Seamlessly connected

Reduce time chasing Medicare, DVA and private health. Seamlessly connect to medical communication platforms like Medical Objects, electronic pathology and radiology results & MIMS.

Features to run every part of your practice

With Xestro, it is easy to access all your data securely - just connect to the Internet.

Medicare, DVA & Private Health Funds

Send claims & receive payments automatically. All your fee schedules are automatically updated.

Medical Objects and e-Health Messaging

Secure messaging with all connected health practices.

Pathology & radiology result integration

Downloading results from your usual e-Health connected laboratories and radiologists takes no effort. Xestro has best in-class request-result reconciliation features.


Xestro automatically keeps your MIMS data updated and connects to every advanced MIMS feature including drug interaction checking.

Automatic appointment confirmations

Easily customise Xestro to send one or more targeted SMS messages as appointment reminders and confirmations and automatically process responses. Automatic referral expiry notification. Easily customise Xestro to send introductory information by email, print or e-print up ahead of appointments.

Automated recall system

Fully flexible and targeted recalls sent automatically (and including referral status messaging).

Advanced clinical auditing

Best in-class pathology and radiology result tracking.

Advanced admin auditing

Stay on top of bad debts and appointment cancellations more easily with automatically configured prompting and reminders.

Comprehensive but simple quoting

Use Xestro to quote for any in and outpatient services automatically based on always up-to-date government subsidies & private health rebates. Auto-calculate gap payments, giving your clients/patients the fairest and best access to their insurance.

Financial reporting & charting

Xestro has comprehensive and fully customisable financial reporting to suit your particular practice. Comprehensive and easy to use charting. All results spreadsheet exportable.

Integrated transcription service available

Either use your existing dictation/transcription systems and integrate them simply and seamlessly into Xestro or take advantage of our inbuilt cost effective but high quality transcription service.

iPhone & Android app-based clinical photography, dictation & scanning

No more need for expensive cameras & dictaphones. The Xestro app can be installed on both iPhones and Android devices taking full advantage of the quality of the inbuilt camera and simplifying and streamlining photography and dictations straight into the correct clinical record. The app can even be used as a simple low-volume scanner.

Apple OS X & Microsoft Windows compatible

Xestro runs best on the latest version of Google Chrome on both Apple OS X and Windows PC devices. Apple laptop for remote use, but Windows machines at the office? Xestro handles it all.

Minimal hardware requirements, no need for server

Maintaining a server in your practice is expensive and complicated. Cloud-based servers have in recent years become a popular convenient alternative for many practices. With Xestro, servers are a thing of the past. Imagine the cost savings. Imagine the simplicity.

Best in-class encrypted security and automatic secure backups

Xestro is web-based and complies with Australian standards for healthcare data storage & transmission. This makes it easier for Xestro to help you keeping your data (and access to your data) safer and also more flexible. Xestro helps you control who can access your data and from where and helps you monitor attempts at unauthorised and unwanted data access. Two factor authentication and the use of ‘swipe cards’ is supported. Because Xestro is web-based, new yet to be invented security technologies can be easily introduced.

‘Try before you buy’ data conversion – see your existing data in Xestro before you switch

What better way to see how Xestro can to help you and your practice, than by seeing your data in Xestro? Xestro offers a free and obligation free ‘try before you buy’ data conversion from your existing software.

Easy to learn, extensive help functions, unlimited phone support

You and your staff will find Xestro intuitive and easy to learn. Xestro has extensive help functions and if you need us, we are only a phone call away.